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“Champagne philosophers”

“A new, contemporary, appetizing and desirable tone.”

“The recipe for dazzling success!”

“To survive, Champagne reinvents itself”.

“EPC is all about freedom, conviviality, breaking free from codes and communicating differently.”

“They’re loosening the bubble.”

“Cuvées that are off the beaten track, less well known, rarer and well worth the detour to taste.”

“This success in Champagne led them to duplicate their model in Provence, where they launched the Aurose brand of high-end rosé.”

“Undoubtedly the heist of the (21st) century!”

“Among other things, they have this talent for telling the true stories of these winegrowers who talk to the grapes, bring them to maturity and turn them into gold.”

This start-up is one of the “100 start-ups to invest in 2020”.

“I love this Champagne.”

“What I found most innovative, and what their small size makes possible, is their proximity to the vineyards and winegrowers”, Stéphane Baschiera, former President of Moët & Chandon.

“EPC, the start-up that wants to reinvent wine trading.”

“A modern approach and an avant-garde spirit.”

“EPC wines are made in cooperatives, with partner winemakers happy to use production tools that are less and less exploited.”

“A refreshing and very dynamic young Champagne brand.”

“The new brand that shakes things up.”

“Innovative design and a distinctive tone of voice.”

“I think they’re talented”, Stéphane Baschiera for Pauline Laigneau

“Producer of quality champagne offered to provide a real positive experience to anyone tasting the champagne.”

“Young champagne agitators”

“Resolutely modern!”

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