Our 9 commandments for a better Champagne

Commandment #1

We ensure full traceability

Every back label serves as an identity certificate, guaranteeing complete traceability of the cuvées. Each cuvée embodies a distinct, named terroir.

Commandment #2

We promote the work of winegrowers

Our winegrower partners work closely with our cellar master to co-create the wines from start to finish. This approach allows them to be compensated for the entire production process, rather than solely selling the grapes on the open market.

Commandement #3

We focus on the terroir

Every cuvée represents a named terroir inviting you to discover the diversity of the Champagne region.

Commandment #4

We aim for a sustainable viticulture

We select our partners based on quality and sustainability. They all either practice sustainable viticulture or are transitioning to organic or biodynamic viticulture.

Commandment #5

We choose the purest nectar

In order to obtain the highest quality and the most aromatic wines, we select only the first press of grapes to make our cuvées. 

Commandment #6

We adapt to the wine

To bring out the best in each cuvée, we adapt the ageing period. Minimum 24 months for the Blanc de Noirs, 60 months for our Grand Cru, 144 months for our Millésime Premier Cru…

Commandment #7

We minimise additives

Each of our cuvées contains between 0 and 6g/L of sugar, making them extra-brut. Sulphite levels are kept to a minimum to ensure the wines remain open and expressive.

Commandment #8

We optimize existing production tools

The EPC model gives the growers an opportunity to exploit previously under-utilised production equipment to vinify their grapes themselves in partnership with our cellar master.

Commandment #9

We reduce our carbon impact

EPC uses one of the lightest glass bottles available on the market to minimise its carbon footprint during delivery. The packaging materials and tasting accessories are entirely sourced from France or Europe.

We’ll take you out for an impromptu glass of Champagne, run in the rain, say I love you to the ones you love, plan ahead, jump on the next train, close your eyes and listen to the bubbles, and live each day as if it were your last.

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