A Champagne
eager for freedom

Chapter 1

A new vision

Edouard, Jérôme and Camille met in 2018. They quickly realized their shared passion for Champagne, and their deep desire to cultivate freedom in everything they create.

Chapter 2

Reinventing ourselves with winemakers

Right from the start, EPC has been thinking outside the box to make its wines, and has decided to fully involve the winegrowers in the entire process of production. A new model of collaboration, unprecedented in Champagne, that expresses the full richness of a unique savoir-faire.

Chapter 3

Daring traceability
in Champagne

EPC has chosen to reveal all the subtleties of its Champagne. No cuvée will leave the cellar without mentioning its origin and composition: they will be traceable, or they won’t be! This commitment to transparency is in line with our ever-more demanding commitment to product quality.

Chapter 4

as free as air

EPC is a Champagne that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: to announce a happy event or not, to enjoy in a flute or a blida, with Sunday chicken or petits fours at the office…

The team

The EPC family

In the EPC family, I would like the father, the son…. But that’s not all.



Champagne is our treasure,
it’s not for nothing that it’s colored.


Family photos


The Epicurean Guide

Dive into a concentrate of flavorful recommendations. On the menu: must-try food and wine pairings, places to get away from it all, events that couldn’t be more enticing, and anecdotes that are sure to please.

… listen to your wildest desires, break your routine, open a bottle of EPC on a Sunday night, dare, fall, do it again, have dinner after dinner, go wild on the dance floor, feel the wind blow your hair, say out loud what you’re thinking.

Welcome to Champagne EPC

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