The Vindey house, our HQ



If there is one place EPC is attached to, it is this lovely house in the small village of Vindey, on the hillsides of the Sézanne region. See? In the Marne region, right in the middle of the Paris – Troyes – Reims triangle. We discovered it in ruins and completely restored it to make it a place of life and exchange for our teams and partners.

The village, centered around a 16th-century well, has more vines than inhabitants (126)! And we elaborated our first cuvées just down the road, towards the village of Bethon. So it was only natural that we fell in love with this charming place, which we bought when EPC was founded in 2019. The symbolism continues: the vineyards adjacent to the house were bought by Edouard’s father, Alain.

We really enjoy this family-friendly atmosphere in this human-scale home! Everything is done to make every guest feel at home. As epicureans, we naturally considered hosting a big barbecue in the garden to entertain people over a meal “à la bonne franquette”, as well as having a beautiful cellar to store each of our bubbles.

It is also where we meet journalists, customers and the EPC team when we hold team seminars. Because there is plenty of room for fun, experimentation and discovery. We visit the vineyards, learn how to saber Champagne, disgorge Champagne “à la volée”. Don’t you know what that means? Come to the house, we can welcome you with a reservation! We hope to open the house permanently to epicurean travelers passing through the region. One day, surely!

Welcome to Champagne EPC

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