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A well-hidden iodine restaurant

A well-hidden iodine restaurant Time out Un restaurant iodé bien caché If you are a lover of the delights of the sea, these few lines may just get your taste buds tingling. We look forward to seeing you at Onassis, in Marseille. But be careful. To get in, you need to be in the know. [...]

A world tour of Christmas drinks

A world tour of Christmas drinks Culture What do people drink at Christmas in other countries? In France, Christmas is often a festival of Champagne: bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! But what do people drink on Christmas Eve in other countries? If you travel to Chile, you will be served a very fresh cocktail called "La cola [...]

Immerse yourself in this urban oasis

Immerse yourself in this urban oasis Unclassifiable IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THIS URBAN OASIS It is an uncommon place, unclassifiable, and unexpected as we like it. Right in the heart of Paris, just 50 meters from the Opera, you will find a huge, friendly house where you will love spending some time: the Shack. If you [...]

The Vindey house, our HQ

The Vindey house, our HQ THE EPC HOUSE OUR PARADISE If there is one place EPC is attached to, it is this lovely house in the small village of Vindey, on the hillsides of the Sézanne region. See? In the Marne region, right in the middle of the Paris - Troyes - Reims triangle. We [...]

Welcome to Champagne EPC

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