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Personalized Champagne!

Personalized Champagne Gift Idea CUSTOMIZE YOUR FINEST GIFTS Looking for a gift that's sure to make a lasting impression? Personalized gifts are a way of creating meaningful moments and strengthening bonds. It's the perfect way to show your customers and colleagues that they're unique and precious. Personalized gifts hold a special place in the hearts [...]

A well-hidden iodine restaurant

A well-hidden iodine restaurant Time out Un restaurant iodé bien caché If you are a lover of the delights of the sea, these few lines may just get your taste buds tingling. We look forward to seeing you at Onassis, in Marseille. But be careful. To get in, you need to be in the know. [...]

A world tour of Christmas drinks

A world tour of Christmas drinks Culture What do people drink at Christmas in other countries? In France, Christmas is often a festival of Champagne: bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! But what do people drink on Christmas Eve in other countries? If you travel to Chile, you will be served a very fresh cocktail called "La cola [...]

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