A world tour of Christmas drinks


What do people drink at Christmas in other countries?

In France, Christmas is often a festival of Champagne: bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! But what do people drink on Christmas Eve in other countries?

If you travel to Chile, you will be served a very fresh cocktail called “La cola de mono”, or monkey’s tail. Why this strange name? Because this drink, made with coffee, milk, cinnamon and the local pisco, is so alcoholic that you swing like a monkey hanging from the trees after drinking it. Careful then!

In Mexico, no one can resist “ponche navideño”, a sweet, fruity drink reminiscent of mulled wine. Heat hawthorns, apples, guavas, prunes, hibiscus and cinnamon over low heat, and add a little wine or even tequila. If you leave it to heat without a lid, it will smell all over the house. Don’t forget to eat the cooked fruit after you’ve had your drink – that is what makes it so delicious.

Head for the cooler climes of Scotland, and the “Hot Toddy”, an alcoholic concoction that warms all who drink it, thanks to its right dose of whisky, spices, honey and lemon. The Swedes, on the other hand, are crazy about a cold drink that resembles Coca-Cola. It is the Julmust: sparkling water, sugar, spices, hop and malt aromas, and voilà!

For our part, we know we won’t be able to resist our 2011 vintage cuvée, in collaboration with winemaker Franck Pascal. Its aromas of butter, fir and exotic fruits (yes, yes!) go perfectly with poularde with apricots or crayfish delicately snacked with chorizo. Let’s get cooking!

Happy holidays to all!

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